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i'm new
I grew up w/ nin
since I was born my mom has listened to them
i got into them about a year ago
(got obsessed w/ trent about couple months ago)
wow....just yes he looks good old and young.
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Alright so Valentines is almost here and I really want to get my b/f this Nine Inch Nails scrapbook that I have but I cant seem to find it anywhere. It's not the spiral notebook (the fragile one). It's a plan black scrapbook that has the nin logo in the front. If any1 knows where I can find it. I'd grately appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!

My love for you

I made this the other day!
*dance dance*

I think it looks neat
if ya take for anything please credit the following
ely_eyes77 and rickfan37 cause rickfan37 did the stills,
I just morphed them together to make this neat photo.
They are stills from the "we're in this together" video!

Please credit, though i would love to know if ya like it!

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Okay people...

I have two NIN Tickets for the
Detroit show at Joe Louis Arena
On October 8th
because my fucking boyfriend
says that we cant go anymore
because it is
"too dangerous"

I am so fucking sick over this.

anyway, i can't go anymore and I wanted to
post it here first
before ebay
if it is against the rules, tell me and i'll delete it.

I cant believe this...
This is the second
time i have had to do this...
I mean,
they were an anniversary present to him!
He wanted them!
Now he doesn't want to go....

comment and i'll get back to you if ur interested.

i am gunna cry....
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just wanted to anounce: NINE DAYS TILL NIN IN ATLANTA!!!!

*sidenote Ive never been to big on music DVDs but the coinciding "all that could have been" dvd and "closure" dvd both look amazing my question: which is better? or rather which should a poor boy like me buy first????
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Thoughts on "With Teeth"

Though it is very different then Mr. Reznor's previous work I still find it to be an amazing album. I bought the Dueldisk version and was sadened to find no booklet(simply because i like to read the lyrics as I listen). I was what the artwork on the regular version was (specificaly on the disk itself) and if it had a booklet. also for the life of me I cant remember what album "the perfect drug" is on, can anyone help me out???