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Question submitted by Alanna:

I Noticed that in the upcoming tour, the choices of venues are small. I think it would be awsome to see youPerform your New work in that type of environment. However, it is extremely hard to get tickets for a venue that size. How do you feel about that and will you be coming back for a larger venue?

Response from Trent:

We've all been pleasently surprised by the interest in the live shows! Its been a long time and we really didn't know quite where we stood. I'd like to apologize to those that tried to get tickets and couldn't, but i assure you we'll be back this fall In larger venues.
I'd also like to say... "Thanks". Feels pretty fucking good! I won't let you down.

You hear that????
He is coming back in the fall!!!
I Will definatley be there as well!!!!!! LARGER VENUES MEANS MORE TICKETS!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAAAA
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